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„Simple living,
high thinking“
─ Srila Prabhupada ─

Welcome to Nava Gokula farmstead website.

We are trying to create a pulsing spiritual and self-sufficient farmstead close to Morkovice-Slížany region. Nowadays it is surely not an easy task, but we are convinced that it is not impossible. Our inspiration is in ancient Vedic literatures and His Holiness A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada founder- acarya of International society for Krishna consciousness who has expertly delivered Vedic philosophy and ideals in his books and teachings. We’d like to show that ancient and infallible Vedic wisdom and connected life style could be realized even nowadays and with such climate. We’d like to show to the society that by combination of spiritual practice and practical simple living based on self-sufficient management and crafting in harmony with earth, nature and animals we may achieve happy and fully-fledged life and at the same time it would bring material provision of all basic living needs. We hope that our effort would be an inspiration for you too. Join us, follow us, tell your friends about us. Come to take a look at our living and join our spiritual programs or practical everyday activities .

We are looking forward to see you!
Nava Gókula z.s.
Skavsko 519, 768 33 Morkovice-Slížany
Czech republic
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+420 739 634 848
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